Genomic Literature Reader is an automated system for variant classification and provides quick access to the latest scientific publications.

This new platform, currently in a Beta Version, utilizes proprietary techniques to scan individual scientific publications and accurately determine the classification of genetic variants that are covered in the paper.  The ground-breaking technology is an important time-saving tool for clinical geneticists, genetic scientists, and researchers working to better understand the clinical significance of specific variants.

Genomic Literature Reader also enables users to directly review the latest scientific findings on specific genes, variants, and SNPs of interest.  This efficient cloud-based application allows users to avoid having to individually locate and manually read through copious amounts of newly published studies.

Users can designate a paper for automatic scanning and within a few seconds the application reviews the paper and returns a variant pathogenicity classification based on the text.  The application then suggests other relevant publications that reference the same variant and presents the variant classification resulting from the scans of each publication.

This ground-breaking technology leverages the very latest in natural language processing and machine learning to save geneticists the time required to conduct a traditional literature review.

Remove the bottleneck of tedious manual literature review with the Genomic Literature Reader.

Platform features include:

  • Automated scanning of the latest publications on genes, variants, and SNPs
  • Variant Pathogenicity Classification for each selected publication
  • Links to the most relevant scientific publications to read in full
  • Easy-to-use interface