Breakthrough Genomics is a pioneer in interpreting Whole Exome, Whole Genome, and Gene Panel Tests.

Breakthrough Genomic’s AI/ML powered software platform ENLITER™ is the only Clinical Interpretation Solution designed to mimic the workflow of a U.S. Board-Certified Medical Geneticist.

Collectively, the company’s founders have over 60 years of experience directing genomics programs for leading institutions including Illumina, UCLA, and Quest Diagnostics.

Breakthrough Genomics is CLIA Certified
Breakthrough Genomics is CAP Accredited

End-To-End Genomic Analysis

Improve Diagnostic Yields and Meet CAP and
CLIA Requirements for Every Step in the the Process

Up-to-date Diagnostic Evidence All in One Place

Proprietary Method to Rank and Prioritize Variants

Real-Time Literature Presentation for Each Variant

Powerful Free-Text Phenotype Filter

Copy Number and Structural Variant Analysis

Who Is Using ENLITER™?

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ENLITER™ is easy to use, validate, and customize

ENLITER’s proprietary technology ranks and prioritizes variants with a high degree of sensitivity enabling clinical labs to improve their diagnostic yields.

ENLITER also deploys a powerful free-text phenotype filter that produces results for identifying clinically-relevant variants that are more targeted than the variant selection of top competitors.


To protect our users’ privacy and sensitive health information is our top priority. Our software has compliance with HIPAA, CLIA, dbGaP and the US-European Data Privacy Safe Harbor regulations.  Genomic information is stored on the cloud and available to the software users via a web browser with strict secure access.  Patient’s identifiers, if provided, are stored securely and separately from genomic information to protect privacy and confidentiality.  The authorized software users have complete control of their data including data retention and destruction.  Software user data are encrypted when in transit both over the internet and on the cloud to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to the system.

HIPAA Compliant
Information Privacy
Data Security